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CSC 313 Shadowing tutors

As a part of learning about teaching computing, we will be working with some of the amazing CSSE tutors. If you are not familiar with the tutoring centre, please see: https://csc.calpoly.edu/tutoring

Our goal for this quarter is that 313 students will participate with helping staff the tutoring centre alongside these experienced tutors later in the quarter. The first step in this process is to shadow with a current tutor. Sign up if you haven’t already.

Here is the sign-up sheet

Please sign up with your name and email for a slot to shadow a tutor this week. Signing up is a commitment that you’re expected to manage.

Your role in this assignment is to be an observer.  You are welcome to chat with the tutor outside of the actual tutoring session, but otherwise, please just quietly observe the session and make observations using the following form:

Tutor session observation form1

A note on your mindset when filling out the form: The form is meant to be a reflection exercise for you, not an evaluation of the tutor you are observing. In both cases, the questions may look familiar, but keep this in mind as you do the observation.

The last question is open-ended: please use it as an opportunity to note connections to what we’ve learned in class. For example, did you see instances of the parallelism, intentionality, or egocentrism bugs? Did you note specific inaccuracies in the mental models they held about programming language behaviour?

Deliverable: Upload a PDF of your completed form. The due date is listed as Tuesday, April 19. This is only because that’s the last day on which shadowing can take place. But you should complete your reflection immediately after your shadowing session, or as close to it as possible.

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