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CSC 313 Culminating experience proposal

The culminating experience for this class is one of your own choosing given the approval of the course instructor.  In general, the spirit of this assignment is for you to dig deeper into computing education, either by having an additional teaching experience (preferred), or by proposing and possibly conducting a novel research project. This is worth 15% of your total grade in the class. I will consider proposals for new curricula, but I don’t expect many of these to be approved.

Ideas for culminating experience project include:

You may work individually or in small groups (3-4), with the end product scaling up depending on the number of students involved. If you wish to work in a group, you will form the groups yourselves and include all members’ names on your proposal submission.

To help scope this project, we will start with a project proposal.  Submit at least a 1 paragraph proposal (for each/any) idea you’d like to pitch as your final project.

While looking for ideas, feel free to look at the papers we have read this quarter.

Also take a look at these resources:

Papers from various conferences related to CS Education Research:

Once groups are finalised, I will create the groups in Canvas so that only one group member needs to do the submission.